MANA-NATUR is a small traditional Greek family business. We value and love our homeland, nature – their precious, nutritious treasures and the true taste.

Discover with us organic, high quality food and products from small and personally selected smallholders & regional producers in Greece. Everything without chemical additives, certified organic and above all made with love and passion! With innovative and best possible production processes, we manage to preserve the authentic taste and natural flavors – and bring them to Germany for you.

WE PROMISE YOU: With MANA-NATUR you experience the true taste!  

Treat yourself to the finest food for body, body and soul. So you will find Greek and Mediterranean delicacies, such as extra virgin olive oil, fine wines, the finest spices, delicious honey, handmade specialties as well as exquisite natural cosmetics – such as natural olive oil soaps, donkey milk & hemp cosmetics – for a healthy and natural skin care with the best ingredients and products.  

Go on a journey of discovery in the MANA-NATUR online shop and get yourself a piece of Greece and the local specialties home – precious and valuable – but at fair prices. SO YOU EXPERIENCE THE TRUE, UNIQUE TASTE!