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Hemp cosmetics contain high-quality hemp oil, which has a particularly positive effect on your skin and your hair. Hemp oil has so-called fatty substances. These are bioactive substances like carotenoids, phytosterols, lecithin, trace elements as well as the valuable vitamins B and E. Therefore your skin is provided with all important nutrients. In addition, hemp contains the high-proportioned gamma-linolenic acid. All the ingredients of the hemp oil help to produce healthy tissue hormones. This keeps your skin fresh and youthful. The protective and defense function as well as the storage of moisture in the uppermost layer of the skin are excellently supported.

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Body butter with hemp extract Cannabis Savita

Body butter with hemp extract Cannabis Savita.

It is anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, while it balances and moisturizes dry skin, fights skin inflammations.

Ideal for use on the hands and body with antioxidant and moisturizing effects .

Environmental friendly growing.

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